Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Stop taking pictures and start making photographs!

How to move away from automatic to manual mode on your camera


Maybe you just got a camera as a present, you bought one yourself, or you have been already snapping around for a long time and just want to develop yourself and your photography skills?

Then this workshop is just right for you! In an intensive course I will show you the different settings of your camera and you will start to take the first "conscious" photos.

In a few easy steps we will work together to find out the best settings for your camera and in easy words you will learn what the different settings on your camera mean and how to adjust them.

incredible possibilities will open if you turn the wheel on your camera from "automatic" to "manual


  • Get to know your camera properly: What setting options do I have?

  • the right exposure: what about aperture, shutter speed & ISO sensitivity?

  • how can I take creative pictures without the fully automatic?

  • how do i avoid blurred pictures?

  • White balance: how do you set the correct colour temperature on the camera?

  • Auxiliary histogram: the correct exposure is easy! -Exposure correction & exposure metering: from now on nothing goes wrong with the right exposure!

  • jpg / RAW: differences, advantages, disadvantages. What do I use best? -how do I achieve a nice depth of field (person sharp, background blurred)?

  • the lens park: which lens is suitable for what?

  • what accessories do i really need?

  • Practical part with tasks for the participants: here we practice!

  • how do I focus something: the correct handling of the auto focus!

  • Image design: interesting images made easy


Your own digital SLR camera (or alternative compact camera with manual setting options) is an advantage (English menu!) Otherwise, I also offer free rental equipment.

Enjoying photography, learning & a good mood no previous knowledge is required.

If you are interested in the workshop or you need more details about it, then it is the right time to contact me now!

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